Five Loves…

I love everything about this look.  It looks so comfortable, yet still so chic.  Look at that know – so functional for us short gals, but still so cute.  Win.

Yup.  I got another pair of TOMS.  What can I say – I love them so much.  Cute. Comfortable. AND for a good cause.

Pumphouse Creamery.  My favorite ice cream shop in Minneapolis, and maybe even in the world.  The most unique flavors (lavender being my favorite).  Whole wheat with flax seed cones that are to die for.  If you are ever in Minneapolis, this little shop on 48th and Chicago is a must – let me know if you are in town.  I would love to go with you!

Missing California.  Missing the ocean.  And wanting to go surfing.  Thus, I am stuck in Minnesota so I look at this picture because it makes me smile.  I’ll get back there again eventually.  I love it too much not to.

You are.  So please smile.  And also know that I love you so much – thank you for all the sweet wishes to feel better!  I am feeling a little better and planning to sleep in some tomorrow morning to give myself some good rest!

Hope you are having a lovely Friday, loves!  What are you loving today?

Much love,


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