Lets Be Friends…

There is a clear rise in the trend of friendship bracelets every where I look – and I love it.  I mean, I love covering my wrists with fun bracelets, so why not add a few more to share with friends, right?!  It was the cool thing to do when I was a little girl.  In fact, we would hang out and make them and swap them all the time – so why not be like every other trend and come back around for another round.  Now, I am not sure that my friends and I will have friendship making bracelet parities anytime soon – but you may catch me wearing a few of these from time to time.  I love the way they add some color to a look.

All four bracelets from Polyvore.

Where you a fan of friendship bracelets growing up?  Would you jump on board with the trend now?

Much love,


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