Color My Fancy…

They are everywhere – bright and bold denim.  I cannot get enough of it.  Now, it may be a little flashy for the more conservative office, but when has that really ever stopped me (oh wait…it hasn’t).  I am all about embracing a trend that helps me reflect my own personal style, and bright colored pants is aiding in that.  If you are not one to push the limits at the office, there is always the after work hours or time on the weekends.  I am telling you – there is something about putting on hot pink pants or sunshine yellow that just makes you smile and feel more cheerful.  And lucky for all of us, this trend which started in the spring has carried nicely into summer and is going to stay around for the fall, too.  Could this be the year bold colors become year round?!  How can you not help but have fun in this look?!  I mean just look at these ladies…

How do you feel about wearing bold colored pants?  Would you dare wear them to your office?  What is the dress code like at your office?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Color My Fancy…

  1. i love bold colour pants ! i have them in a few colours but then again it depends on what kind of office your working in. if i was working within the fashion industry then i feel you could defintly wear them

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  2. I saw vibrant pants all over Germany when I studied there back in 2005. While the more muted colors (soft pink or light sage green chords, etc) have been a nice substitute, I’m glad that there are some vibrant trends coming to the US. I think that, if you work in a place that could go either way with this type of look, go for it. A muted top (like the person above said) and some neutral accessories would tone everything down, but one could liven it up on Casual Friday with a fun print and a colorful bottom!!

    All in all, I am HAPPY about this! 🙂

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