Five Loves…

Swinging.  One of those relaxing things that gives me space to think, feel like I am flying and take me to my happy place.

A comfy, yet still chic outfit to put on after work.

The best beer to have in my hand after I have changed into that cute outfit after work.  Surly is a local Minnesota brewing company and this is my favorite beer.  It tastes like grapefruit.

One of my favorite places to go in Minneapolis in the summertime – Psycho Suzi’s.  It is a great place to sit on a summer night and enjoy great company – in fact I got to do this just the other night with friends…late into the night.

Sunsets on the Mississippi River.  I took this from the patio at Psycho Suzi’s one night.  I love water and sunsets – put them together and you have one happy lady.

Basically, in the summertime I love the city I live in.

Do you have anything you still love to do that you loved as a small child, like swinging?

Much love,


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