Block Party…

It happens once a year in Minneapolis.  The Basilica Block Party.  One of my favorite things to do in the city every summer.  Two nights of pure bliss – standing under the setting sun, listening to amazing live music, with the city’s skyline as the backdrop.  It is pretty much amazing.  And with an amazing event like this to go to, it means a great concert going look.  I love getting to embrace my inner rocker style and mixing it with my flowy girly side to create my favorite concert goer look.  Here is one of my current inspiration boards for one of the nights…

Are you going to any concerts this summer?  Do you prefer indoor or outdoor venues? 

Much love,


PS.  My friend Mads over at La Petite Pancake is having a great giveaway to Zappos – go check it out.  I know I would be stoked to win and get some new shoes!

11 thoughts on “Block Party…

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