Girl Crush…

A woman of class and true beauty.  Kirstie Clements.  Not sure who she is?  Well, she is most well known for being the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Australia.  She is a style icon for all fashionistas – it seems to come with the role she has at Vogue.  I love that she is a normal woman who has pursued her dreams and is doing a great job at tackling them.  She is more than a simple girl crush – she is an inspiration to me.  I would love to be like her one day – and would actually love to work for her – I mean honestly, it would be my dream job.  Vogue.  In Australia.  My two favorites in the fashion world in one – this little ladies dream come true.

Who or what is inspiring you today?  How is that inspiration moving you into action?

Much love,


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