Ikat for All?! Really?!

It is by no means a new trend to many – though it is a trend that is still growing.  We first saw Ikat patterns on the runway back a couple of years.  It was great then, but had such a distinct look I am not sure anyone would have thought it would stick around so long.  A lot of trends seem to be doing that these days – almost making it safer to try out trends because you will be able to enjoy them for a longer time – like what we have seen with skinnies and leggings.  But will Ikat really cross over into the longer lasting trend realm (which some would argue it already has) and even become a classic?  It may help that the pattern of weaving in and of itself is a classic and can be found in many different cultures.  With more global mindedness happening in our culture, there also seems to be a greater appreciation for what these other cultures have to offer for fashion and design inspiration.  It is one thing to see the trend on the runway and move into trendy stores like Forever 21, but to see it in interior design and Coach handbags – that is getting into a more classic realm.

I love how this bright pattern can be used on such a classic chair.  I really want one of these chairs for my new desk chair.  Gorgeous.  Sophisticated.  Yet still, very fun.

Coach has jumped on the Ikat bandwagon and have really done a great job with it in the Op Art Ikat patterns.  Now, I was in a sorority – I have seen pretty much ever style of Coach purse there is and I never found myself really wanting one(though I do enjoy my little classic wristlet for going out).  I mean don’t get me wrong – they are pretty and classy, but that is not what I am usually going for in a purse.  I mean, I love my Niko by Jo Handbags because it is classy with an edge.  However, this pattern has me wanting a Coach purse – specifically the new KRISTIN OP ART IKAT PRINT SATCHEL

So, loves, how about you – fan of this trend?  Or ready for it to finally pass along?  Do you think it has what it takes to become more of a classic in the pattern realm?  Would you decorate with it?

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Much love,


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