Vacation Trend…

It is that thing I love that seems to be constantly calling my name – travel.  Only problem is, right now my job does not involve traveling.  Thus, I get the latest trend of my life – vacationing.  I know, it is not the most practical thing in the world to vacation all the time, but especially in the summer, I try to make sure I make time for it.  I love getting to go and relax, experience different cultures (even traveling within the US – there are different cultural experiences to be had), and see the fashion trends within the different places other than MN.  With today being Memorial Day, I am enjoying an extra day – to have a staycation – and soak in some MN culture and fashion in Uptown with friends…and plan more summer vacations – this is one trend I like to stay on top of, as my list is ever growing…

Where are you dreaming of going on vacation these days?  Did you go anywhere fun for the holiday weekend?

Happy Memorial Day, loves!

Much love,


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