Five Loves…

The feather hair extension trend.  I cannot get enough of it and I am dying to have some in my own curly dark brown hair…just not so sure how that would go over at the office.  I may push the limits…I mean it is summertime, and I simply love them.  Fun colors or neutrals – I am a fan.

Attic rooms.  There is something about the angled ceilings that I adore.  I used to live in an attic room and after seeing all of these beautiful pics, it has left me missing mine.

I love kombucha.  I love homemade kombucha even more because it is fun and easy to make – plus a lot easier on the pocket book.

My new TOMS which should be arriving this afternoon – so excited.  I loved my pink sparkle ones so much, I just had to get another pair.  I mean they are for a good cost…

Fresh lilacs in full bloom.  They are beautiful – but even more they smell like heaven.  The other day I was driving home with my window down and all of a sudden the breeze blew in and I smelt them for the first time this spring.  Nothing else mattered in that moment – it was so peaceful.

What are your favorite things about springtime finally arriving?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. 1. Getting away with various braids swept into a bun. With the advent of summer, I feel even more liberty to embrace messy hair 🙂
    2. Chacos and chaco tanlines
    3. The smell of the grass after it rains on a hot evening whilst sitting on the porch with my roommate and a glass of wine.
    4. Farmer’s markets
    5. Open windows and fresh air in the house!

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