Lulu Bug…

I am loving this little jewelry find on Etsy called Lulu Bug.  There is a beauty in the simplicity.  I love how the silver is tinted with concrete.  They are so beautiful.  My only problem is I just do not know which necklace or earrings I want…may have to get a few things.  Thought, the first on my list would be the one above – I love the quote (I mean let’s be honest…I am a sucker for a good quote…) and can really resonate with it.  Here are some other ones topping my list…

I love that this last one is a set of five intended for bridesmaids.  Now, I am not getting married anytime soon, nor do I have my bridesmaids picked out, but I have a feeling this would be a great gift for the ladies standing with my on that special day.

There are so many too choose from, which are your favorites?  Are you more of a necklace or earring wearer?  Or fan of both?

Much love,


PS.  Love one of the ones pictured – click on it and it will take you that specific item.

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