Meet GroupLove.  Their EP was released in the US at the end of January.  This is Colours performed live at SXSW – the official video is fun, but I love a band that can perform live, so I had to share this with you.  I am loving their indie-pop sound.  I also love that painting is a part of their musical art.  Hannah Hooper, the band’s keyboardist and painter, says “In the fine art world, art writers want to talk about a body of work and what is similar about each piece.  They want to say you have a certain language to your work. That holds people back. Their goal became to make a body of work that’s similar. That should never be the goal. The goal should be to make each piece unique. If they can talk to each other, that’s a good thing, but if they can’t, that is also a good thing. That’s our approach to music.”  Now, that is my favorite type of musician.

Much love,


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