A Day to B…

It has been getting warmer here day by day and I am loving it – so much that I am taking a day off to have to myself (well, and get some much needed practical things done I just haven’t seemed to have time to do).  After I am done with the practicals, I am taking time to go sit at a coffee shop, read and write.  I am reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave for book club – and it is Sunday, so that is high priority to finish.  Then, I want to take time to write – write out my thoughts from the last few weeks as I think more about Cali or what else may be on the road ahead.  I am excited to have a little stay-cation to just be before the weekend gets kicked off.

May wonder over to the beach for a bit with all my books.

Oh, and another little thing I did this week to just be me was finally go get my tattoo.  I love it.  A lot.  It has a lot of meaning to me, so it makes me smile when I look at it.

Do you ever take stay-cations?  What do you do when you have a day all to yourself? Hope you are having a good Friday where ever you find yourself, loves!

Much love,


5 thoughts on “A Day to B…

  1. I love the tattoo. I hope you are enjoying your day off. Too bad it ended up being so cold and windy today! I love how you write out your thoughts…that is one of the ways I process things sometimes, too.

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