Ready for a Night Out…

Oh my, loves.  It is Friday and I am exhausted, but I am not letting that keep me in – are you?!  I am so excited to get dolled up and head out to celebrate a dear friend’s big 3-0 with her!  I love birthdays – it is just so fun to celebrate friend’s lives and the fact that they were born.  Plus, I always love a good excuse to get dressed up – what fashionista doesn’t? Right – my point exactly – we all love it.  Now, I will not being wearing a cute little pink party dress – but I just love this Miss Dior Cherie ad and it is fitting for a birthday celebration.  I am however thinking I may be inspired by this look…

It is perfect for going out and it reminds me of Cali (which, let’s be honest – I am missing).  Plus, it includes the Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania shoes, which I still love.  Oh, I am so ready for a night out…funny how a long week and lack of a weekend last week will do that to you…

Do you have any fun plans for the evening? Staying in or going out? Whatever you do, I hope it is fabulous and enjoyable!

Much love,


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