Bangled Wrists…

Now, there are times when less is far more classy – I am not about to argue that.  However, there is something about spring and summer nights with a flowy top or sun dress that I just adore adding on bracelet after bracelet.  Now, this is not done carelessly – I think through how I add on my bangles to cover my wrists – but it is a look that allows you to mix different styles and I love that.  I collect bracelets from all over the world – so it is like a little map of the globe on my wrist…and I am so ready to start busting them all out again this spring.

I also love bracelets that wrap around your wrist multiple times.  I know to some it may look like rope just wrapped around, but it is far more beautiful than that to me.

It is funny – in this picture they look like cuffs, but not cuffs that trap you – these are cuffs that have broken away and are free (I think that is because this is not a look I could wear at work…but outside of work I am free…).

Are you a bracelet lover?  Do you have one favorite?  Or do you switch it up?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Bangled Wrists…

  1. YES!!! I LOVE bracelets AND I bring them home from all around the world. Do I have a favorite?? That is a hard question…depends upon my mood. Happy spring-like day!!

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