Conquering New Heights…

They are comfortable.  Perfect for spring and summer.  Come in all sorts of fun shades and styles.  Make your legs look great the way heels do without the pain at the end of the day.  Oh, and, they are great for walking.  They are wedges.  We have seen them time and time again – but this season they are everywhere and I could not be more thrilled or relieved (for my feet’s sake).  I love how they can come in great platforms, but do not look over the top.  I love them.  The problem I am now having is which pair to get?!

I adore this turquoise wedge from Urban Outfitters.  Especially for this season – I am love the pops of bold colors mixed against nudes.

Zara you leave me speechless.  Simply love.

I love this bright bold blue wedge from Zara.  I must have a shoe this color.  Soon.

A more traditional wedge, though still unique from Urban Outfitters.  I love the leather strap that goes over the sole – that subtle detail makes the shoe.

How do you feel about wedges?  Feel like you can conquer the world in them?

6 thoughts on “Conquering New Heights…

  1. wedges are pretty much my everyday shoe when the weather gets warmer. i can’t get enough of them! you picked so many great pairs too, but my favs have to be the zara and uo wedges : )

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