Peace Out Winter…

Daylight savings time has come.  The snow is melting and we can see the grass.  The sun is shinning.  Friends, it is time to say peace out to winter and welcome in spring.  I am so excited that spring officially starts tomorrow.  And yes, I know that spring is filled with rain – but it is also filled with bright beautiful colors mixed with soft shades of nude and pink – and smiles.  People smile more and are happier because the sun does that – and it just feels so great to get outside and enjoy the world again, no longer cooped up in our homes.  Spring is about coming back to life – and I am all about welcoming it in.  Couldn’t come at a better time if you ask me (okay, I guess it could have come earlier…seeing as how I am not winter’s biggest fan – but no need to dwell on that now!).

Hope you are able to go out and enjoy the weekend and welcome in spring in style!  Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? I’m excited to have a weekend where I get to go play outside – off I go…

Much love,


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