Totally Crushing…

It’s Friday.  Time to be real and let you know just what I am crushing on today.  First off, being with people I can just be me – weird little quirks and all (mer meh…yes, I have my own language and sometimes start talking in it when completely comfortable with people…)

Second, what is not to crush on in this whole look?!  I mean seriously – this is adorable and I just want to wear all of it.  Right. Now.  I still cannot get enough of the shorts with tights look, and then add in those tall socks…ooo, you just have me smitten.  I also love how the green jacket just pops because it is the right amount of color with this outfit.  I am normally a fan of dark or even all black looks – but color is growing on me.  Getting me excited for spring…we will blame it on that.

Third, hats.  I love them.  I love tipping them down and coyly hiding behind them.  Now add in those fun red nails and you know I am hooked.

Fourth, tattoos.  Specifically, bird tattoos.  I love tattoos and have one myself – but it is tiny…and I am ready for another.  In fact, I have been thinking about getting another one for far too long now – I just need to go get it already.  And yes, there is a bird involved in my design – which is why I can simply not get enough of bird tattoos.  So much so, I started a pin board simply dedicated to tattoos.  The tree necklace is pretty sweet, too.

And the final crush I will share with you today is nice and simple.  A photo.  Nothing extremely special – it just makes me smile.  Maybe it is the carefreeness mixed with the mystery – is she going somewhere to surprise someone – or is she leaving floating on cloud nine?!  I do not know…but here’s to hoping my weekend will be filled with a carefree time with friends, and yours, too!

What are you up to this weekend, loves?  What are you crushing on?  Come on…share…pretty please…this is a safe place!

Much love,


PS.  Don’t forget to take Catherine up on her great deal of 20% of your Arbonne order!

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