Need a fun night in?  My roommates and I sure did last night – and what a fun night we had.  Our friend Catherine ( came over and we had a mini spa night.  She sells Arbonne products – and they are amazingly wonderful.  The company is committed to being pure, safe, and beneficial in everything they produce and put their name on.  The company was started in 1975 in Switzerland and then came to the US in 1980, though they are still committed to the European standards (meaning there are 500 chemicals that are prohibited by European standards that the FDA allows – ick!  That just makes me squirm….putting that on my face and body, no thank you!).  I personally also love that everything is botanical, meaning no weird animal products in my products – all good things from the earth.  In fact, that is what Arbonne means – good things from the earth.  They have great face wash lines for the mid-20s gal called FC5 and amazing anti-aging (some products you can feel an instant change – seriously…and I was a doubter at first) – and they even have anit-aging for men.  Have blemishes or complexion issues – Arbonne Clear Advantage has answers for you, too.

So, after you have fun giving yourself a facial – you can’t forget about the rest of your body.  And Arbonne does not leave you hanging – there are so many fun spa treatments you can do at home, as well as wellness products.  And then my personal favorite because it lets the artist in you play – cosmetics.  And boy did we have fun playing last night – and they really felt light and great on my skin – plus the colors were natural where they needed to be and rich and dynamic where you want them (lips – so many great lip colors….I had to cut myself off.)  The make-up primer is great – and no need to test out the color, but keeps your make-up looking great all day long.

Find anything you like?  Well, I have some good news for you – Catherine is giving everyone 20% off his or her order through Saturday (February 26th)!  Be sure to use the discount code: B. in the Know. This is a great deal friends – I seriously have fallen in love with this company (I just love all things pure).  So, go take a look and email Catherine ( your order (I am getting lipstick, face wash/toner, powder, moisturizer, anti-aging Intensive Renewal Serum…and a few more fun things, but I will stop boring you with my list).  Find anything good?  Please do share so I know what to check out next!

It’s the middle of the week…so go treat yourself!

Much love,


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