Let it Snow…Again…

Thought winter was over and spring was on the way?  Yeah.  Me too.  But you see, friends, I live in Minnesota…basically a real live snow globe about seven months of the year (and that is being gracious…).  My dear friends tell me I can’t complain about the snow, or for that matter talk about it unless I have anything nice to say.  So, I decided to let the snow inspire me.  It inspires beautiful winter whites, which I love – and so I am glad I can keep enjoying them…as it is clearly still winter.  There is something light and fluffy about this snow fall that has a fun whimsicality to it…at least when I stop caring and embrace the snow.  It helps when I wear my boots…makes it more fun to run and play and push cars out.  Winter wonderland can be beautiful…this is me fighting to believe that and not just give it lip service…

Fashion can be inspired by the snow.  It is elegant and beautiful.  If only I really felt like that while interacting with the snow.  This is a little more how I feel it really looks…

Not sure if you are dealing with the storm where you are or not…but I do hope you are having a fabulous Monday and had a restful weekend.  I know I did.  Now, I am just trying to survive today…but I guess all I can do is tackle today.

How do you handle the snow?  Is there one season that seems to dictate your emotions? Winter makes me sad.  But summer makes me so happy.  Have a feeling I am not the only one…

Much love,


PS.  Tomorrow will be my first guest post…a good friend giving me time to recover from the breakdown of the snow.  Okay, maybe a little melodramatic…but either way she will be here tomorrow sharing her love – so be sure to share yours with her!

7 thoughts on “Let it Snow…Again…

  1. Oh, summer will be here soon! We don’t get snow here in SF. I don’t know if I could live with 7 months of snow but I’ve got to say that I miss snow days in Portland. It doesn’t seem like winter when it never snows outside.

    Chin up my dear, put on some music, make some hot cocoa and get a stack of magazines that will inspire you.

    xx, C

  2. Spring is the best. Everyone is so happy and they all spend tons of time outside because they were stuck inside all winter. Getting to see the sun for more than a half hour every day is also awesome.

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