Perfectly Lonely…

Everyone needs alone time.  Some of us (introverts) may need a little more to be refreshed.  But at the end of the day, we all need some to survive.  I love getting dressed on a Saturday or Sunday morning and taking the morning to go read somewhere in Uptown all alone.  And sometimes my mind is still recovering from the work week, so taking time to go sit or walk around a part of the city and people watch, or write or just sit and be…it is perfect, even if it is all alone.  Do I spend every weekend like this?  No, but sometimes it is much needed.  Plus, it gives me energy so I can stay up far to late with good dear friends on Saturday nights…making this hit a little too close to home…

…which I guess does not leave me feeling lonely at all, but instead just really really tired.  Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!  Any good stories from last night?  What is the latest you are willing to stay up? Staying up until 3am is by no means responsible and sometimes makes me think I am back to my college days, but it is so fun.  Till Monday, loves…

Much love,


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