Valentine’s Weekend…

It is finally the weekend…am I the only one that is extremely thankful for that?!  The last two weeks have been long at work…and perfect for me…it is Valentine’s weekend.  Meaning, time to celebrate with friends.  Tonight we are having a Valentine’s soiree.  Tomorrow having a fun ladies day – filled with a fun pampering of mani and pedi.  And in fact, the whole weekend is filled with some fun single ladies time.  I am thankful to have other single friends in my life that enjoy Valentine’s Day almost as much as I do – none of the feeling sorry for ourselves.  We have great friends and we love each other…so we celebrate in our own style.  Plus, it gives us a fun excuse to get dolled up!  Hope whatever you do this weekend it is enjoyable and restful – and a true break from work.

Any fun plans for the weekend?  What is your ideal Valentine’s Day celebration?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Weekend…

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