Parisian Chic Gets a New Leader…

Now, we all know how much I love Vogue.  And, as I have shared with you more and more – my love is not limited to US Vogue.  In fact, I love Vogue Paris almost as much – constant battle between the two.  With that, there has been some big news released last week – Vogue Paris will have a new Editor-in-Chief starting February 1st.  Emmanuelle Alt will be taking over for Carine Roitfeld – who has done an amazing job and is a true fashion icon across the world – she is a legend.  Emmanuelle is a fashion icon herself, and has experience – but she has big shoes to fill.  Condé Nast is confident in their selection for the role.  They stated, “Vogue Paris is in great form and we wanted to hand over the editor-in-chief role to someone who can continue the integrity of the editorial while bringing a breath of fresh air.”

Here you see the two fashion icons side by side, Emmanuelle on the left and Carine on the right.  They both do a great job of personifying Parisian Chic.

How do you feel about the switch?  Who are your greatest fashion icons?

Much love,


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