The Battle Continues…

So do you remember a while back when I first brought up the battle of New York City versus Paris, here?  Well, the battle continues and it just keeps getting better and better.  I thought, hey it is the middle of the week, the holidays are over, we are all back to work…we need a little pick me up.  So, here are some of my new favorites in the tally of these two magnificent cities.

My new personal favorite…and it leaves me so torn.  Though,  I would have to say I am going to fall out on giving my tally to Anna.  I mean she is my role model, has my dream job, and well, I simply want to be here…for at least a day.  And for those that do not know, meet two of the most influential women in fashion – the editors in chief of American Vogue and Vogue Paris.

Now, we all know…I love me some hipster.  Though…it is a close call between these two…

Both have great architecture, but also have these great little places of green…and water.  I love the water.  Fairly torn, but NYC does have cleaner water…

Paris takes this tally without question.  I mean, seriously I love all things that sparkle, so needless to say I will go for the lights.

Now if only the battle in my mind were between these two cities…I need someone to do NYC versus LA.  Though, I think I know what will win…but I could be shocked.  I guess I even was shocked the first time around that tally was done.  Are you thoroughly confused now by my cryptic talk?  Don’t worry, you are not the only one…and I will shed more clarity on this when the time is right…

How is life back at work for you guys this week?  Find yourself day dreaming about anything? My default is always travel….maybe that is why I love the Paris vs New York City blog so much…

Much love,


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