Rise & Shine

Who says one can only wear sequins at night?  Thankfully, no one these days (well unless you have a boss that adds that into the fine print…).  In fact, most would say bring it on and let those sequins add a little sparkle to the office.  And I must say so myself, I am a huge fan – it makes getting ready for work at 4:30am (okay, so I really only have to get up that early a couple times a month, but good night that is early) a little bit easier when I know I get to wear something cute and fun.  It also is a great look that can carry you all the way into your evening for going out for happy hour, dinner, or just looking chic when you show up to your board meeting for one of the far too many things you volunteer for.  I love this look below and would totally wear it to the office by adding tights or making sure the skirt has a little more length…need to keep it appropriate for my office.  The key to pulling this off is to let it be a subtle sparkle underneath if you are going for the straight sequin skirt.  Otherwise, the cardigan with subtle sequins is a great option for those that are a little less daring.

With tights or little bit longer skirt...love...

What adds a little sparkle to your day to help you rise and shine and get through your day?

Much love,


10 thoughts on “Rise & Shine

  1. Are you sure you don’t like this picture for the Red Starbucks cup? I am on to you….I do like the peekaboo sequin skirt. Very nice.

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