Welcome Winter Wonderland…

Well, last week we talked about Winter Whites – but I was getting to enjoy them without the snow.  And, I was personally, a fan of the snow staying far far away from Minneapolis until December 24th and then leaving promptly on December 26th – but this little lady did not exactly get her heart’s desire.  Saturday morning I woke up to far too much snow – we are talking heavy, wet snow that is here to stay.  Now, I may not be snow’s biggest fan, but I was thankful for a great excuse to finally go buy the extremely cute Sorel winter boots I had been eying up every time I walked by the Columbia Store window in Uptown.  So, Saturday evening I went and bought these cute new boots.  I mean, if I am going to have winter boots (which were a need after the boots I wore Saturday during the day were soaked through and soaked my socks, as well – complete nightmare), I am going to have cute boots that I can still make work with skinnies or tights and a skirt – and I found the perfect pair.  The best part is – this same style comes in three other colors (one that is even a Chanel-ish tweed….I almost got that pair but I loved the teal) – so you can go get them if you need some boots to stomp around in the snow with.  Oh, and did I mention that they are water proof, too – there has to be functionality when it comes to winter boots.

Function meets Fashion...

What do you put on your feet when weather gets in the way?

Happy Monday, lovies!

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Welcome Winter Wonderland…

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