Winter Whites…

So we all know that after labor day pure white is pretty much a no-no.  But for every rule there is always an exception or two.  And if done right, there is totally an exception to white after labor day.  There is something elegant about a soft white, with a more neutral tone mixed into your winter wardrobe.  Soft whites, tan, and beige hues do not need to wait for spring – they are completely welcome this winter – I mean if the streets get to wear white snow, why can’t we join in and wear white, too?!  I love the idea of this because there is something so elegant and luxurious that brings out a beautiful feminity.  In fact, I love it so much that I embraced this idea last night when I got home and changed into my more “B” clothes, if you will.

Cozy in White...

Not ready for this yet...but so peaceful to look at...

This photo is called “Winter White” by Gail Sullivan, so it was only fitting to include…even if I am not quite ready for this to be outside.  I enjoy the snow…when it is in a picture, but not so much when I have to be out and about in it.

How do you feel about wearing winter whites?  Are you craving snow or wanting it to hold off as long as possible?

One more day, loves, and then we get some time to rest and recoup…not sure if you need as much as I do (in fact, I hope you don’t for your sake), but either way I hope it is a refreshing and enjoyable weekend!

Much love,


10 thoughts on “Winter Whites…

  1. I love wearing white in the winter. Even in fall, I have a soft ivory colored 3/4inch jacket that I wear because it matches my browns and camel tones better.

  2. I’m all about neutrals in the winter (including those that are lighter). It just feels…right, you know?

    I figure if bunnies shed their summer coats and go white, we totally can too.

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