Men Do Fashion, Too…

Okay, so I have been hackled by a few of my male friends about never putting them on the blog or talking about men’s fashion.  After thinking about it, I realized – they are right.  I should do a post catered to the men every once and awhile.  And to my relief, they gave me a reason to this weekend – and I mean that in a positive sense.  A few of my friends and myself attended one of the most beautiful weddings ever this weekend – and not just due to the venue, flowers, decorations, and dresses – but also the vows – seriously so perfect – and the groom himself even wrote them.  But back to the fashion – some of the men showed up in style.  My top two things I saw on the guys were bow ties and tuxedo pants – you know the black pants that have the black satin strip down the outside seam – I love those.  They look so sharp and classy.  Big fan.  I also love bow ties.  There is something about them that is so much more attractive than the average tie – maybe it is the fact that most men won’t wear one I like them that much more – also why I probably prefer the skinny tie to the same old same old that I see every day at the office.

William rocking the bow tie...

So, what are your thoughts on bow ties?  Have a favorite thing to see on men at weddings?

Hope you all had a wonderful week and survived Monday, lovies!

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Men Do Fashion, Too…

  1. I am all for the bow tie, regardless of if it is at a wedding or not.

    I do enjoy grey and navy suit colors more than the traditional black on the groom’s men.

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