Rocky Horror Picture Show…

It is that time of year, friends – Halloween.  Which also means, it is Rocky Horror Picture Show time!  Now I grew up watching this every year on Halloween from about the age of four (yes, I said 4…lets not even begin to discuss how inappropriate that probably is…but hey, I turned out alright and just more cultured…right?!), but up until this year had never actually gone to see the show at the theater with all the props.  Thanks to a wonderful friend who twisted my arm and said I had to go, even after a long week of work, I went…and well, it was not exactly what I was expecting, but I guess I am thankful I can now say I have gone – but do not think I will be making it a tradition.  I will stick to the lets dress up and have the props at home…  I threw together a Magenta costume in about 5 minutes and grabbed all the props I could find around the house with my friend, Emily, filling in the ones I did not have.  It was an experience, that is for sure.

B & Emily with some of our Rocky Horror props...

Then, Saturday I went to another Halloween party and went as…well…my self in high school…aka a cheerleader – but in all of my old stuff.  I won the award for most efficient costume…at least I won something, right?!

Cheerleader...making a pit stop for gas...

So, friends…how was your Halloween, everything you imagined and more?  Any fun adventures or traditions for you this year?

Night, lovies!  Have a good start to the week and happy November!

Much love,


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