Baby It’s Cold Outside…

When living in the wonderful land of the tundra, aka Minnesota, it is cold here the majority of the year.  Now, we were extremely blessed to have an extra warm September and first part of October – and are not doing as bad as other places, such as Fargo and their 6-8 inches of snow – but good night it is freezing outside today!  The winds are blowing tumbleweeds around in the metro area (one got stuck in the front of my car this morning while I was driving to work).  It is a little ridiculous.  However, one thing I love about the cold (and maybe the only thing, but at least that is one…) is getting to bundle up in cute scarves and hats and mittens…I love wearing mittens!  Now, I am not quite ready for snow (and really do not want to have a repeat of the Snow Blizzard of ’91, which was extremely traumatizing for a six year old who was supposed to be a hoola-girl for Haloween and last minute turned into an Eskimo…it was rough, trust me people), but I am ready to bust out my scarves and mittens…and how could I almost forget…my winter coats!  I am getting excited to bust out my coat I purchased last year while I was in Paris – it is so warm, and looks stunning.

All bundled up...

How do you keep warm when mother nature decides to hit you with winter out of no where?

Stay warm, lovies!

Much love,


photo courtesy of Emilie Toll Photography

3 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside…

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