You Know You’re a Fashionista When…

1.  You have to buy a button down shirt for your office job, but you will only buy one with ruffles on it.

2.  Rachel Zoe makes an appearance in your dream –  you are putting on lipstick in the ladies room and take one look at her shoes and instantly comment how much you love them.

3.  Try on all four pairs of black boots to ensure you put on the right pair for the outfit, which you are only wearing for a quick run to Starbucks.

4. Your accessories becoming functioning art in your room when not being worn.

5.  You eat PB&J for a week to afford that new pair of boots, that you simply need to have.

6.  You make sure to have your evening free when you know your newest issue of Vogue is arriving in the mail.

7.  A dress, pair of shoes, or other fashion item takes your breath away because there are simply no words to describe its beauty.

8.  You view fashion as art that you get to wear every day – meaning you get to be the artist starting with a blank canvas every morning.

9.  You see a beautiful scenery and think, this would be perfect for a fashion shoot and start dreaming of all the styles you would put together to go with the colors of the scene.

10.  You style everything, even your sweats…

What do you think makes a fahionista?!



photo courtesy of Wolf and Willow and Vogue UK

5 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Fashionista When…

  1. Love this! So true.

    I would say that a fashionista also sees each change in weather as an opportunity for a new expression of style…even the most frigid winter is redeemable with the right winter clothes and accessories.

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