Happy Birthday B…

Okay, so it is a few days late seeing as how my actual birthday was on Monday, but everyone else seems to be helping celebrate my birthday for an extended period I thought I could get away with it, too!  And – I just really wanted to say thank you publicly.  So with that, I would like to thank all of my amazing friends for making me feel so loved as I hit this big mark of a quarter of a century!  From the Facebook posts and messages, tweets, texts, phone calls, serenades, suprise gifts in the mail, cards and multiple gatherings celebrating the anniversary of my birth – you have clearly left me with no question…I am loved and I am so thankful.  One of the most wonderful parts of the multiple smaller gatherings was getting to experience so many wonderful little spots in Minneapolis (those to come in future posts…) that I have always wanted to go to, and I even got introduced to a few new places along the way!  It all helped so I avoided the, “quarter-life crisis stirring in my soul,” as my favorite John Mayer sings about in Why Georgia? Which, I was extremely thankful to avoid – in fact, I am excited about 25.  And I’m excited to be spending 25 in Minneapolis – who would have thought I would have ever say that?! 

B blowing out all 25 candles

So, again, thank you dear friends for helping me celebrate – and making turning 25 so wonderful (especially since both the Twins and Vikings failed to help…)!

Much love,


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